Oyakhire Omonkheoa Michael

DR Oyakhire, Omonkheoa Michael


Contact: Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Basic Medical Science, PAMO University of Medical Science, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

Tel: 08033419605

Email: moyakhire@pums.edu.ng


B.Med. Sc. Human Physiology , MBBS, MSc. Clinical Anatomy, PhD. Anatomy (All from University of Port-Harcourt ),
PGD. HIV/AIDS Education and Management- NOUN.
MPH- Benin


Research Interest

Clinical and Radiologic Anatomy/Neuro Anatomy with Emphasis on Ergonometric of the Spine, Neurotoxicology and Reproductive Biology.


Position Held, Award and Honours (Selected)

  1. Acting Head, Department of Anatomy
  2. Editor, Journal of Anatomical Society of Nigeria
  3. Columnist “Health Matters”, the Nation Newspaper
  4. Red Ribbon Award-Outstanding Commentaries on Immunology of HIV/AIDS


Selected Publications

  1. David, L. K., Oyakhire, M. O., Yorkum, L.K and Iziomo, P.M. (2017). Prevalence of Epilepsy in Port Harcourt. Journal of Anatomical Science; 8 (1): 202-209.
  2. Oyakhire, M. O., Amadi, M. A and Okoh, P. D. (2016). An Evaluation of Normal thoracic Kyphosis in Apparently Health Nigerians. World Journal of Medical Science 15 (3); 104-110, 2018 ISSN 1817-3055 IDOSI Publications, Doi: 10 5829/Idosi, WJMS 208.110.
  3. Oyakhire, M.O., Udoaka, A. Evaluation of the Lumbosacral Configuration; A Radiographic study of Young Adult Nigerians. Annals of Bio Anthropology Volume Jan. –June, 2016, Volume 4 Issue 1.
  4. Iyamu, O. A., Anionye, C., Onyeneke, E. C., Oluba, O. M., Oyakhire, O. M., and Aigbe. O (2011). Disease-Age-Correlated Oxidative Status of Patients with Hypertension and Diabetic Co-Morbidity in Central Hospital, Benin City, Nigeria. International Review of Biophysical Chemistry Vol. 2 B. 5 October, 2011 ISSN 2038-0321.
  5. Oyakhire, M. O and Aigbogun (Jr) E. O (2015). Analysis of work related skeletal changes in Nigerian spines: A comparative radiographic study of the lumbosacral angle of nurses and computer operators. Journal of Anatomical Science, Vol. 6 (2): 101-108.
  6. Oyakhire M. O and Agi C. (2014). Assessment of the Spine in a Healthy Working Population; A Radiographic Study of the Lumbrosacral Angle in Relation to Occupation in Southern Nigeria. Asian Journal of Medical Science Vol. 5 No. 2 99-105.